Universal Question

Why would the Universe, or God, if that is what you’d prefer, create a species like humans whom are able to dominate and destroy a vulnerable planet such as the Earth? Our relationship with the world around us is present and quite visible. Everything is connected as one ultimate life source. This knowledge is easyContinue reading “Universal Question”

A Tough Act to Follow

A Midwest born and raised actor has turned the concrete jungle into his very own stage.     When someone wants something enough, they will climb mountains to reach their dreams. For the 29-year-old actor, Michael Fell, he didn’t do much trekking, instead he ventured his way through the skyscraper landscape of New York City byContinue reading “A Tough Act to Follow”

Earth’s Fragile Future

Mankind’s lack of relation with nature has been slowly killing the earth. It is time for humans to connect with the web of life to save its existence. During this year’s 75th Anniversary of the United Nations, on Sept. 30, Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the U.N. declared a crucial statement on the U.N. Summit onContinue reading “Earth’s Fragile Future”

Black Coffee

Morning dew Black coffee Gentle hands Grazing cheeks Satisfaction in the sheets Fluttering light Through the drapes Smooth against your body Warm embrace Dark roast Hazelnut Fall leaves Among the trees Last of the bird song Melodies Brisk breeze Goosebump skin Steamed glass Mug on window’s edge Now clutched in hand The dawn delight OnceContinue reading “Black Coffee”

Shapeshifting Soul

I feel like I am an ever so freely flowing river. Shaping and polishing stones, the land and its creatures as I glide swiftly by. In sync with the formations that surround me, that carve me into all that I am. I am for eternity an unfinished work of art, a clay mold on aContinue reading “Shapeshifting Soul”


The power of sexuality, gender roles and technology Younger Years When I was younger, I spit loogies like my pops. Wore cowboy boots and ran around the yard as a topless youngster like my brothers. Not knowing being without a shirt was inappropriate as a girl; I was a wild child wanting to fit inContinue reading “Identification”


Discovering your internal map It’s quite odd how man has invented direction. My brain makes sense of this. But my soul does not. North, south, east and west, who is anyone to say which way is which? Our solar system, galaxy, universe, all that makes us one is shapeless. Don’t get me wrong, I understandContinue reading “Direction”


Time & time & time again There is a political war we are living in Where space for greed is guaranteed When the color of your skin or place of birth is the deciding factor of your place on earth Science proven data shows if we don’t take charge, this planet blows I don’t knowContinue reading “Time”

Camping 101

A helpful starter guide for staying overnight in the wild Have you ever been interested in the outdoors so much that you have thought to even spend the night or a few days out in nature? Are you a beginner to camping and don’t even know where to start? This helpful beginner’s guide will directContinue reading “Camping 101”


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