Normalize Mental Health

There is nothing without the dark Mental health awareness month is coming to an end. But, awareness regarding the topic remains strong every day. There is not one person that doesn’t suffer within their own mind. Suffering is normal. One needs it to feel the opposite-happiness. Everyone has had an experience that has brought themContinue reading “Normalize Mental Health”

Bar Soap is Better than Bottled 

Turn your household eco-friendly one step at a time With Earth Day being right around the corner, it is the perfect time to think about some simple things we can change in our households to help reduce our carbon footprint.   Obviously, change is not always easy, especially when it comes to saving our planet. But small steps are always a great starting point.    I recently began to try to reduce as much plastic as I canContinue reading “Bar Soap is Better than Bottled “

The Puppeteer

I’ve seen grown men cry From their sorrows With whiskey and goodbyes In spirit with the pledge Doomed with the next Leaning against a wall Cracked led paint As they slip away their last take The glimpse of them His biggest mistake I’ve heard the sobs Of a young girl As her head is deepContinue reading “The Puppeteer”

What’s Left

Prairies don’t have the time, the patience or the mind, to amuse human’s rhyme Earth’s stones, pebbles and sand sit beneath the paws of the selfish, baring the weight, sweating the toxins of the infected The sun burns the coat of human flesh each chance it gets. Warming it up we do, so it willContinue reading “What’s Left”

Ares Seed

I’m tired of being sadAnd thinking about what I could’ve hadCould’ve done betterwith sunny skies and clearer weatherBut memories fade, don’t they?Emotions move onWorries settleAnd pain resides in the thick of the veins that make up the lifeline of the humane I don’t careWhat y’all thinkAnymore, anywhereCause I’m mePaige Z.Making a living of what IContinue reading “Ares Seed”

Universal Question

Why would the Universe, or God, if that is what you’d prefer, create a species like humans whom are able to dominate and destroy a vulnerable planet such as the Earth? Our relationship with the world around us is present and quite visible. Everything is connected as one ultimate life source. This knowledge is easyContinue reading “Universal Question”

A Tough Act to Follow

A Midwest born and raised actor has turned the concrete jungle into his very own stage.     When someone wants something enough, they will climb mountains to reach their dreams. For the 29-year-old actor, Michael Fell, he didn’t do much trekking, instead he ventured his way through the skyscraper landscape of New York City byContinue reading “A Tough Act to Follow”

Earth’s Fragile Future

Mankind’s lack of relation with nature has been slowly killing the earth. It is time for humans to connect with the web of life to save its existence. During this year’s 75th Anniversary of the United Nations, on Sept. 30, Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the U.N. declared a crucial statement on the U.N. Summit onContinue reading “Earth’s Fragile Future”

Black Coffee

Morning dew Black coffee Gentle hands Grazing cheeks Satisfaction in the sheets Fluttering light Through the drapes Smooth against your body Warm embrace Dark roast Hazelnut Fall leaves Among the trees Last of the bird song Melodies Brisk breeze Goosebump skin Steamed glass Mug on window’s edge Now clutched in hand The dawn delight OnceContinue reading “Black Coffee”


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